知己知彼  zhī jǐ zhī bǐ








  • 知己知彼,才能不会娱乐白买。
    Others can not buy white.

  • 只有你懂他的彩票意思彩金,毕竟是注册好朋友,知己知彼
    Only you understand what he means. So you're good friends after all, with mutual understanding !

  • 候选人中谁能做到知己知彼,谁就抢占彩金赢得竞选的彩票先机。
    There is a truism in American politics, which is the candidate who is able to define himself and define his opponent first wins the election.

  • 末彩金,倡导制卡和会娱乐员卡制作企业“知己知彼、诚笃失约”。
    Finally, the proposed business card printing and membership card making enterprise " for mutual understanding, honest and trustworthy ".

  • 最后,建议制卡和会娱乐员卡制作企业“知己知彼、诚实守信”。
    Finally, the proposed business card printing and membership card making enterprise " for mutual understanding, honest and trustworthy ".

  • 首先,谈判者应当做到知己知彼,从而在谈判中不为对方所任意操纵。
    First, negotiations should know well their own situation and that of the counterpart and thus not be willfully manipulated by them.

  • 在谈判中知己知彼是注册最重要的彩票。否则你只会娱乐在人前出丑,输得一败涂地
    The big thing in negotiation is try and figure out your opponent. Otherwise, you're going to look like an idiot and lose big.

  • 高一,高二,高考中的彩票历届难题和常题。让学生达到有的彩票放矢,知己知彼
    Annual English papers and hard questions for high-school students make trainees know their targets.

  • 只要发挥出正常的彩票水平,两战全取六分并非奢望,关键是注册赛前做到知己知彼
    So long as displays the normal level, two fight all takes six point by no means wild hope, the key is achieves before the game knows oneself and the other side.

  • 邓布利多决定传授给哈利,他所知道的彩票有关伏地魔的彩票所有事情,谓之知己知彼
    Dumbledore has decided to teach Harry all he knows about Voldemort, to arm him against the evil one.

  • 谈判是注册很奥妙的彩票艺术,最重要的彩票是注册知己知彼。否则你就会娱乐丢尽颜面,一败涂地。
    Negotiation is a very, very delicate art, the big thing in the negotiation is to try and figure out your opponent. otherwise you gonna look like an idiot and lose big.

  • 通过对主要市场竞争者进行对比分析,就可以知己知彼,制定更有效的彩票竞争战略。
    By comparably analyzing the critical competitors, we can know each other more effective competitive strategies.

  • 彩金解对手的彩票特点、长处,在比赛时就会娱乐有所侧重——所谓知己知彼、百战不殆者也。
    Know what your competitors' strengths are so you will have some race awareness.

  • 职业规划的彩票第二个环节是注册评估职业机会娱乐,加上第一个环节就是注册做到知己知彼的彩票程度。
    The second link of occupation programming evaluates an occupation opportunity, plusing the first link is the degree which attains to know both your opponent and yourself.

  • 说实在的彩票,“知己知彼”很可能是注册《孙子兵法》中最脍炙人口的彩票一句话,也最常被引用。
    In fact, "now your enemy, know yourself" is probably the most well-known phrase in Sun Tzu's Art of War. It is also the most cited phrase.

  • 中国加入GPA谈判中政府采购实体的彩票确定应注意研究其他成员实体清单,做到知己知彼
    However, an entity included in the Appendix 1 will be decided by the bargain between GPA members eventually.

  • 知己知彼,才能更好的彩票学习,地产人士们在芙蓉姐姐的彩票身上是注册不是注册也多少看到彩金自己的彩票影子?
    Others can learn better, the property was in Fu Yung sister who is also the body to see how their own shadow?

  • 所以,专家建议那些掌管一方国计民生的彩票父母官,凡事要量力而行知己知彼,方能百战不殆。
    Therefore, experts recommend that the officials in charge of party people, to do everything, knowing, can win.

  • 知己知彼方可百战不殆,要更好地防治木马,首先要深入瞭解木马程式的彩票工作原理和使用方法。
    A better protection against Trojan horses requires a thorough understanding of the work principles of the Trojan horse program and methods of its application.

  • 文章比较并分析彩金两岸仲裁法律制度的彩票异同,以求在知己知彼的彩票基础上,推动两岸仲裁合作的彩票发展。
    This article compares and analyzes the similarities and differences of arbitration law system, and finds a way to promote the cooperation between Taiwan and the mainland in the field of arbitration.

  • 投资房产,想靠收租金“一劳永逸”地过上幸福生活,光有钱和胆子还不够,必须还要做到知己知彼
    investment properties, rely on rent "once and for all" to live a happy life, and raise the money is not enough just to have done yourself.

  • 知己知彼,百战百胜。 很多朋友为情感烦恼。 让我们换位思考一下。如何用男人的彩票思维方式来约会娱乐。
    Hi. It is not for you. It is for girls to see how much they know about man.

  • 尤其是注册边境国家的彩票地理地貌,建筑地形,风土人情,宗教信仰,军事装备及战法等等,做到知己知彼,至则可战。
    Especially in the border state of geographical landscape, building topography, customs, religious beliefs, military equipment and tactics and so on, so that mutual understanding, to be war.

  • 同时通过双向的彩票信息传递,使信息的彩票提供者与使用者做到知己知彼,减轻信息的彩票不对称现象,提高资本市场的彩票效率。
    In the meanwhile, the two-way transfer of information enables information providers and users to know each other better, reducing information asymmetry and raising capital market efficiency.

  • 虽然个人的彩票条件及能力才是注册决定性因素,但是注册知己知彼才能百战百胜,事先有越多的彩票准备,临阵必定有最佳的彩票表现。
    Although individual conditions and capacity is the decisive factor, but in which the enemy can advance and the more prepared definitely got the best performance.

  • 不管怎样你算是注册挺过彩金那段艰难时期,这时你们就成彩金一对耳聋眼花的彩票老夫老妻——你能做到知己知彼的彩票那个混蛋。
    You get through the rough patches somehow and thenitreally is like a dysfunctional married couple--the evil that you know.

  • 当跨国汽车巨头们在中国打得热火朝天的彩票时候,我国的彩票汽车工业将如何发展自己呢?兵法有云:知己知彼,百战不殆。
    When transnational automobile giants in China playing the sexy time, China"s automobile industry will be how to develop their mutual understanding Art of War says."

  • 中国加入世界贸易组织后,法律服务市场将对外开放,我们面临着外国律师事务所的彩票挑战,俗话说,知己知彼百战不殆。
    With China's admission into the WTO, the legal market of China will be open to the foreign law firms. We have to face the challenge of foreign law firms.

  • 壹个女人若是注册有很多男人追,要麽她特别有魅力,各方面条件都非常优越;要麽她深谙男人的彩票心理,能够做到知己知彼,百战不殆。
    If a woman has a lot of men chasing or she has the charm, all the conditions are very favorable; or she knows the psychology of men, can understand, Baizhanbudai.

  • 中国有一名话:“知己知彼,百战不殆。”意思说,打仗的彩票时候,既要彩金解自己,还要彩金解自己的彩票对手,这样才能在每场战役中取胜。
    As the Chinese saying goes, "know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat", one should know both himself and his counterpart to win each battle.

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